Riot to stream virtual Pentakill concert ahead of upcoming album release

Pentakill's return is just one week away.

Image via Riot Games

A virtual concert featuring Pentakill is set to be streamed live on Sept. 8 at 3pm CT ahead of the release of the band’s upcoming album, Lost Chapter, Riot Games announced today.

For the virtual album experience, Riot is teaming up with brands Wave and The Mill to help produce the event. The online concert will be streamed on Wave’s own platform, 

“We’re excited to continue to push the envelope in music and storytelling with Pentakill,” said Toa Dunn, head of Riot Games Music. “With our partners at Wave, The Mill, and We Are Royale, we have set out to showcase what the future of virtual entertainment experiences can be.” 

Pentakill last performed live at the grand finals of the LCS Mid-Season Showdown earlier this year. That event featured a live band, while this new virtual experience will revolve around the in-game champions represented in the band. 

In 2010, Pentakill was first brought to League of Legends when five in-game skins were released for a few of the game’s champions: Sona, Kayle, Olaf, Karthus, Mordekaiser, and Yorick. Since that point, the Pentakill skins in League haven’t been updated, despite the band releasing two albums since their skins became originally available for release. 

With the release of Lost Chapter, though, the in-game skins for Pentakill’s members will be receiving extensive visual updates. Additionally, Riot revealed that Viego, a new champion released for League earlier this year, will be joining the virtual version of the band when the updated skin line is released later this month. 

Lost Chapter will be a concept album traversing a range of metal subgenres behind Pentakill’s quest to enter new sonic realms, according to Riot Games Music. The album will be released to streaming services immediately after the conclusion of the virtual concert experience on Sept. 8. 

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