Riot possibly teasing new Ruination event for League of Legends called Rise of the Sentinels

"Sentinels, why do you persist chasing what you don't understand?"

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been waiting for a new League of Legends event based around the upcoming Ruination of Runeterra, then your watch might be coming to an end. Riot Games released a new teaser image today that says “the flames of Ruin ignite in Rise of the Sentinels,” which will be coming on Thursday, July 8.

July 8 is also the exact date for when Patch 11.14 is scheduled to hit the live League servers, which suggests that this will be a new event coming to the game next month. The image features Ruined Shyvana with a quote that says, “Sentinels, why do you persist chasing what you don’t understand?”

The Sentinels mentioned are most likely referring to the Sentinels of Light, an ancient order that defends the world from the undead spirits that spawn from the Black Mist of the Shadow Isles and the Ruination. Two of the most popular champions in the game, Lucian and Senna, are Sentinels of Light. The power couple was also featured in a cinematic trailer in January where they fought against Viego and his forces of darkness.

Earlier this month, Riot released a quick teaser trailer called the Fate of Demacia, which showed the great kingdom falling to the Black Mist and succumbing to the Ruination. If this is the next event, we could finally witness a great battle that spans all of Runeterra while its various factions rise to meet the looming threat of Viego, the Ruined King.

The most recent League Champion Roadmap also hinted that the next champion to join the game’s ever-growing roster will be a new mid lane marksman and a new Sentinel of Light. As a result, we could see a new champion get teased during this event.

For the event, fans have already discovered through data miners that Summoner’s Rift will be getting a visual makeover, Ruination-style. All of the map’s assets will be getting that familiar Black Mist glow and almost all of the monsters and NPCs will be undead. There could also be a new game mode being brought to players during the event in the form of Ultimate Spellbook. The new game mode—which is on the League PBE—sees players hop into blind pick mode, while also replacing one of their summoner spell slots with an ultimate from another champion.

Watch out for the Rise of the Sentinels when July 8 rolls around.

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