League PBE data miners find possible Ruined King game mode set to release in Patch 11.14 with new Ruination-themed Summoner’s Rift map

The Ruination might be coming for the Rift as early as next month.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It’s been a while since League of Legends fans were introduced to Viego, the Ruined King, and his tragic storyline in the history of Runeterra. Riot Games teased that this narrative would be a huge venture spanning multiple games including League, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. And now, it seems like we might be getting our first look at a Ruination-themed Summoner’s Rift event next month.

League PBE data miners Surrender at 20 have found files that point toward a new Ruined King game mode hitting the servers in Patch 11.14, complete with a Ruination-themed Summoner’s Rift map and new textures and looks for the dragons and Baron.

Based on screengrabs posted by Surrender at 20, the Ruination effect—which gives the map and multiple aspects that ominous bluish-green glow—could even take over the shopkeepers of both teams, whose eyes are seen glowing green. The dragon and Baron monsters have also been redesigned in the images with a Ruination theme. Both objectives look as spectral as ever.

The sound effects of almost every single champion’s ultimate ability could get a “Ruination” effect too, as well as the voiceovers for Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, and Ashe, according to Surrender at 20. There are two small music files that were found in the files, both of which mention “sentinels.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

The numbers “11_14” were seen among the file names, which has also led data miners and fans to believe that the new mode will be revealed or released for Patch 11.14. If League‘s patch schedule is accurate, this means that the new Ruined King game mode could be hitting the game on Thursday, July 8.

None of the files have suggested what kind of game mode the new event will bring, but its code name in the files is Ultbook. As a result, the new game mode could have something to do with each champion’s ultimate abilities. But until Riot officially gives out details, League fans will just have to wait for more information.

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