Riot lists system buffs coming to League’s Patch 12.11, assassin, fighter, and tank items also in the spotlight

There's lots to look forward to.

Image via Riot Games

With the latest durability patch in League of Legends, it could have been expected that its impact on the game would be huge. And it has been exactly that, with some champions and systems becoming much too powerful, and others failing to pick up steam in the meta. Thankfully, in Patch 12.11, Riot is planning to change that.

The next update for League will be massive, with the developers detailing all of the changes on June 1. Among the long list of changes are many adjustments to both champions and systems.

A lot of assassins’ mythic and legendary items will be getting a slight boost to their Lethality in Patch 12.11, including Eclipse, Prowler’s Claw, and Serpent’s Fang. Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead game balance designer, said “assassins are weak across the board,” and Riot is taking action to improve their strength.

Image via Riot Games

Ability power-based champions also have something to look forward to in the next patch, with Hextech Rocketbelt, Night Harvester, and Crown of the Shattered Queen receiving a boost to their ability haste, magic penetration, and ability power, respectively. Some major stats, like life steal, attack damage, and bonus health will be increased for fighters’ items as well, such as Blade of the Ruined King and Sterak’s Gage.

Tank and support champions should be tougher to kill with Patch 12.11 too, since a couple of their major items, like Turbo Chemtank, Sunfire Aegis, and Zeke’s Convergence are receiving enhanced health and resistances.

But Patch 12.11 will nerf some systems, including tower damage. The devs, though, are also making a series of changes to champions, like nerfing Olaf and Taliyah and buffing Ryze.

Patch 12.11 is expected to launch on Wednesday, June 8.