Riot details Gwen, Taliyah, Wukong, and other champion nerfs coming to League’s Patch 12.11

Some of most powerful champs in the game are receiving nerfs.

Image via Riot Games

After dropping the durability update last week, many League of Legends players are trying their best to figure out the best champions in the game. There is, however, another mammoth update on its way that will once again shake up the meta in Summoner’s Rift.

In Patch 12.11, Taliyah, Wukong, Lillia, and a number of other champions that have been popular over the last several weeks will be receiving nerfs, according to the latest Riot patch preview.

Riot is trying to change the dynamic in the top lane, which has been dominated by Olaf, Lillia, and Gwen in the recent patch. The Berserker is receiving some minor adjustments, but the others are being hit with the nerf hammer.

Image via Riot Games

Many champions have quickly climbed the rankings in the jungle position, like Wukong and Taliyah, with the latter boasting a high win rate in the mid lane as well. Both champs will deal less damage to monsters in the next patch, making their jungle clear slower, while also decreasing the impact of their abilities. Master Yi, Kayn, and Rengar are also having their base health lowered.

As for elsewhere on the map, Swain and Kog’Maw have become popular among solo queue players in the mid and bot lane, respectively. The former will have his healing and damage tweaked, and the latter will deal slightly less additional damage with his W turned on.

All the proposed changes in the upcoming patch will surely have a big impact on the meta.

Patch 12.11 is expected to hit the live servers on Wednesday, June 8.