Riot Forge tweets for the first time since December 2020, promises update on Ruined King RPG

Recent leaks have put Riot's upcoming RPG into the spotlight again.

Image via Riot Forge

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Riot Games’ new studio, Riot Forge. In fact, it’s been almost a year since they last posted on social media. But today, the company finally came out of its shell and gave an update to the fans who have been waiting tirelessly for new games.

In a new tweet, Riot Forge addressed its long absence, saying that “Pyke stole the password.” Afterward, the team gave some hope back to League of Legends fans who are still waiting for the Ruined King role-playing game by ensuring that the team will be releasing more information on the title in the coming weeks.

The Ruined King RPG was set to release in early 2021 after Riot dropped a teaser trailer for the game at the 2020 World Championship. But its official release date was eventually pushed back due to “a number of challenges” that made things difficult on the developers’ end.

Recently, however, a leaked Nvidia game list may have revealed that Ruined King might be finally coming out on Tuesday, Nov. 16. It’s been too long a wait for fans since this title was supposed to coincide with the grand Sentinels of Light event that took place earlier this year.

Alongside one of Riot’s first cross-title events, the Ruined King RPG was supposed to tell the tale of a motley crew of champions as they battle Viego and the forces of evil. It would have been the perfect time to drop the game since the hype around the event would have driven many players to it.

Although it’s coming out later than expected, fans of RPGs and League are probably going to pick up the game to see if Riot was able to use the extra time wisely—and to see if the wait was worth it.

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