Riot details the creation of League’s newest champion, Aphelios

It took Riot a year to create Aphelios.

Aphelios splash art
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games writer Cashmiir revealed more information about Aphelios, the next champion who will join League of Legends, earlier today.

Riot describes the upcoming champion as “the big brain, sad moon boi.” His creation dates back to one year ago with the idea of introducing the first wizard of League with a kit that would redefine the way in which the bot lane is played.

Unlike most other League champions, Aphelios has five weapons that he can switch between. His HUD was specifically designed for him, too.

Image via Riot Games

The appearance of Aphelios was inspired by a mix of high fashion and religious iconography, according to Riot’s concept artist Sunny Pandita. His background was created following the Lunari’s universe that Diana belongs to. Aphelios’ twin, Alune, was inspired by the moon.

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Aphelios and Alune are like the two faces of a card. While Aphelios had the mission of protecting the Lunari from foes before joining League, Alune was an oracle seeking the secrets of the moon’s magical light. On the Rift, Aphelios’ power derives from his twin sister.
Image via Riot Games

Aphelios will also remain silent in-game. Instead, you can only hear what Alune tells him. This is explained by the poison he drinks at the start of a match to strengthen and establish a psychic connection with Alune, who will grant him power.

“The poison causes Aphelios’ throat to tighten,” narrative writer David Slagle said. “It’s why he doesn’t speak. But there’s more to the poison than that. The connection allows Alune to know his thoughts, their souls converge.”

Riot Games revealed a trailer for Aphelios and his abilities earlier today. He’ll be released on Dec. 11.