Riot commissions Kim Jung Gi to create a mural for League’s 10-year anniversary

It takes a legend to draw a legend.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is continuing to show signs of generosity with yet another gift in celebration of League of Legends10-year anniversary.

The company unveiled a mural today, drawn by renowned Korean graphic artist Kim Jung Gi, to further commemorate the milestone.

“This mural is dedicated to League players—the most creative, passionate, and dedicated community in the world,” Riot said on the Nexus.

Gi’s artistic masterpiece is drawn in an evocative comic style using a brush pen. The mural covers a wide variety of champions, like Pizza Delivery Sivir or Primetime Draven, while also sprinkling in renderings of League fans and Little Legends.

Image via Riot Games

The Korean artist is known for his impeccable memory, being able to create extremely detailed scenes without looking at references or sketching anything out. This is Gi’s third collaboration with Riot after previously creating a mural displayed at Riot’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Riot is gifting a download of the mural on the Nexus. League fans can also view the upcoming missions for the daily rewards that will be handed out daily over the next 10 days.