Everything shown in the League of Legends 10-Year anniversary celebration stream

There was a lot shown of during Riot's stream.

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Riot Games showed off a lot during its stream to celebrate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of League of Legends, but most of the news wasn’t about League.

From new projects to mobile ports, Riot is ready to expand by giving its fans a variety of new content. So here is everything shown during the League of Legends 10-year anniversary celebration stream. 

League of Legends 

Starting with its flagship title, Riot is bringing a new champion to the game. Senna will be the first support character with a “marksman-like playstyle” to really make her stand out from the 140 other options in League. 

There is also a version of League coming to both console and mobile devices. It is called Wild Rift and is not a port, but rather a completely reworked game that will optimize the League format to best work on other platforms. It is set to release sometime in 2020. 

The Rise of the Elements is a new series of gameplay changes being made to the preseason, changing how the Elemental Drakes work and impact the environment of the Rift. These changes will be up on PBE on Oct. 22, with a full rollout planned for Nov. 20. 

Starting on Oct. 17, Riot will be giving returning League players gifts for 10 days in celebration of the anniversary. Ultra Rapid Fire, or URF, is also making a comeback for the first time in four years with a full roster. 

Lastly, starting today, you can listen to nine albums with curated songs from the previous nine seasons of League across streaming music platforms. 

Teamfight Tactics

TFT is also getting a mobile version, but unlike League, it will be a port that will allow players to take the game on the go. It will allow cross-play with the PC version and will be released in Q1 of 2020, with pre-registration open now on the Google Play Store.

Riot also confirmed that new champions and abilities will be released for the game every three to four months, with the second set coming to PC being titled Rise of the Elements. It will release on Nov. 5 in the League client. 

Legends of Runeterra

Riot went on a spree of announcing new games and projects after making sure its core audience was taken care of. One of which was a digital card game that is looking to put something different on the market. 

Legends of Runeterra will be a free-to-play CCG set in the world of League, with characters and allies from previous content being added into the game in each set. It will be focused on dynamic gameplay and the option to obtain cards any way you want to, including skipping the pack openings and purchasing the ones you want. 

Pre-registration is open on the game’s official website, with a planned launch in 2020 for both PC and mobile. 

FPS game, fighting game, and possible MMO

Three unnamed projects were also mentioned among those reveals, giving fans details about three new games, but no names for any of them. 

Project A is a character-based shooter the dev team is developing that will step away from the League world and instead takes place on Earth in the near future. The game will be built directly for competitive play, which was shown in the brief glimpses to its production. 

Project L is the fighting game that was confirmed at Evo 2019. We only got a brief look at what it could turn into and a promise for more info next year, but the developers mentioned it is still very early in production and won’t be shown again anytime soon. 

Project F was the final game revealed through actual gameplay, showing off a project that will let players take control of a character and explore the world of Runeterra with others. There was no further information given about this title. 

Each of those titles will be talked about more in 2020, but likely won’t be released until at least 2021. 

League of Legends Esports Manager

Riot is tapping into the true hardcore esports fans, providing a game that will let players a team of League esports players and manage them through the competitive season. It will also directly feed into the League esports ecosystem, with a revenue sharing program sending some of the profit directly for pro teams. 

Among the game announcements, there were also glimpses of a new board game and the full reveal of animated series based on League called Arcane that we will learn more about in the future. 

Like Riot said, their team is finally putting the ‘s’ at the end of Riot Games, launching off of the success of League and the recent addition of TFT to finally put out more games that truly stand alone.


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