Riot adds and removes some Gwen voice lines to reflect the end of League’s Sentinels of Light narrative

Upcoming mage Vex also gets a mention.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Ruination event ended after Viego was taken down by the Sentinels of Light—and now Gwen’s voice lines will reflect that.

The SkinSpotlights YouTube channel showcased several new Gwen voice lines today, while also pointing out a few quips that were removed. And upcoming mage Vex gets a mention in a couple of them.

Many of Gwen’s voice lines became outdated following the end of the Sentinels of Light narrative. Quips like “Lucian, you’ve faced the Black Mist. Show me everything,” are replaced by “Lucian, quite the journey we had. Are you still a good shot?” This reflects Gwen’s experience fighting alongside Lucian and the other Sentinels, where they came together to defeat the destructive Ruined King.

In her new interactions with Viego, Gwen tells the Ruined King that he “never deserved love, especially not [Isolde’s].” And upon killing him on the Rift, the Hallowed Seamstress says “she pitied you, I never did.”

As for voice lines acknowledging Vex, who helped Viego leading up the Ruination, Gwen says “you can be happy for the right reasons, I’ll prove it.” This likely points to Vex’s persona as a gloomy yordle who finds joy in spreading misery.

These voice lines should be live following the release of League Patch 11.17.

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