Sentinels of Light event now live in League, introduces new interactive story, skins, and game mode

The Sentinels are ready to take on Viego and the Ruination, but they need your help.

Image via Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light are preparing for their biggest battle yet against the Ruination and the corrupted forces of Viego—and it’s up to the players to help them bring the light back to Runeterra. In League of Legends’ part of the cross-game event, an interactive narrative highlights Riot’s biggest endeavor of the year.

The Sentinels of Light event builds on the interface first introduced to League with the Spirit Blossom event last year. Players will be able to navigate directly into the ongoing battle between the Sentinels and Viego’s forces of the Ruination via the League client. The Sentinels of Light—including Lucian, Senna, and the upcoming champion Akshan—will be able to be interacted with. Players will work alongside them to progress through the Rise of the Sentinels story via chapters that are set to release weekly. All players will be able to take part in these interactions and progress the story regardless of whether they purchased the event pass.

Along with this event, there will be a staggered release of previously-revealed canon skins for the Sentinels battling the darkness, as well as the champions that succumbed to the forces of the Ruination. Sentinel Vayne, Irelia, Riven, Olaf, Diana, and Ruined Pantheon (with the Ascended Prestige version) launch alongside the Sentinels of Light event on July 8. Sentinel Graves, Pyke, and Rengar join the fray on July 22 with Ruined Miss Fortune

Similar to League’s previous events, an event pass and shop will be available. Players can earn currency through completing the weekly missions and the premium missions obtained by purchasing the event pass. Unbound Thresh will be debuting within the event shop starting on July 29, though it may be purchasable within the normal skin shop afterward.

A new game mode, Ultimate Spellbook, also releases with the Sentinels of Light event. In this limited-time mode, players will be able to choose one of three random champions’ ultimates (picked from a small pool of champion ultimates available within the mode) and use it in place of their first summoner spell. Ultimate Spellbook will only be available during this event and it’s unknown if it will be returning anytime soon. 

League’s part of the Sentinels of Light event across all of Riot’s games featuring the experience, Ultimate Spellbook, and new skins begins today. Players will be able to experience the story of the Sentinels and earn event-exclusive currency to spend in the event shop until Aug. 10.

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