Reworked Fiddlesticks can clear red buff and raptors simultaneously at level 1 without a leash

The scarecrow's new Bountiful Harvest gives him a good clear speed.

Image via Riot Games

If you were scared of Fiddlesticks because of his new look and voice over, then this might really make you tremble in your computer chair. After hitting the League of Legends PBE yesterday, players have realized that the Ancient Fear can clear both the red buff and raptor camp at the same time, all at level one.

Fiddlesticks’ new update brought some big changes to his kit. One of his key abilities, Drain, was changed to Bountiful Harvest. The two abilities are similar, except that the latter now drains the life away from every enemy close to Fiddlesticks.

To perform this leashless double camp clear, Fiddlesticks needs to level his Bountiful Harvest ability and auto attack the red buff. As soon as the buff starts walking toward him, he then walks over to the raptor camp and auto attacks any of the birds.

Fiddlesticks must remain in between the raptor camp and the red buff camp so that they don’t reset. The rest is simple. Keep spamming Fiddlesticks’ W, keeping him healthy enough to clear both camps without even using smite. He can also do the same trick on the other side of the map with the gromp camp and blue buff.

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Fiddle should be able to clear every camp on his side of the jungle—except for the golems near the bottom lane—by around the three-minute mark. This is perfect timing for the player to head over to the river and grab a scuttle to give their team some much needed early vision control.

Fiddlesticks’ healthy clear should give him time to get some early ganks off, although his success rate won’t be too high without his ultimate. By giving his teammates more time in lane, they can get early farm leads and control their waves a bit more, which is always a nice advantage.