Riot gives League fans first look at Fiddlesticks’ new reworked abilities

He can feel your fear...

Riot taking poll on next rework
Image via Riot Games

He might not have a brain, but the new Fiddlesticks rework will blow your mind—and probably scare you to death, too. Riot Games gave League of Legends fans a first look at the champion’s new reworked abilities, and they look downright terrifying on Summoner’s Rift.

First, his passive has been changed completely. Named A Harmless Scarecrow, this passive allows the player to place down a unmoving copy of Fiddlesticks on the map to act as a Control Ward. Opposing players, however, cannot tell the difference between the scarecrow and Fiddlesticks.

His Q, Terrify, hasn’t changed much in terms of effect, with the Harbinger of Doom applying a fear onto a single target, causing them to flee for a few moments. Fiddlesticks must wait for a while before being able to Terrify the same target again.

Bountiful Harvest is similar to his previous Drain ability, except that it can now target multiple units at once. In the video, Fiddlesticks drains health away from both Garen and two other minions next to him. It isn’t known if there is a limit on how many enemy champions he can drain at the same time.

Image via Riot Games

Reap is another completely new ability that has Fiddlesticks slash his rusty scythe in front of him, slowing any unit that is hit. The ability can also cancel channels and silence enemies. Lastly, Crowstorm has stayed exactly the same as before; players must wait for the ultimate to charge up before throwing themselves in an enemy team while dealing area-of-effect damage around the champion.

Riot revealed a teaser trailer for Fiddlesticks’ rework yesterday, and it was something straight out of a horror film. This rework is one of the darkest Riot has made so far, and no one can decide if they’re excited to play him or ready to permaban him so they don’t get a jump scare while climbing the solo queue ranks.