Ranked queues for Teamfight Tactics are back online


Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics ranked queues are back online after being disabled on Sept. 25 due to a myriad of bugs caused by Patch 9.19.

TFT product lead Richard “Maple Nectar” Henkel informed fans of the long-awaited news in a tweet today, apologizing for the delay.

“TFT is back on!” Henkel said. “Sorry for the delay, let us know if you run into any issues!”

The game was unplayable due to several game-breaking bugs. The most jarring bug caused players to lose an insane amount of life after ending a round in a draw, sometimes as much as 97.

Neeko’s Help, one of TFT’s newer items that allows you to duplicate any unit, also wasn’t working properly by having a high drop rate. This allowed players to create multiple three-star champions to take over a match.

A more minor bug in which Titanic Hydra dealt six percent, instead of three, of the wearer’s maximum health was reverted. Henkel also revealed that the amount of TFT fans that play ranked, in comparison to normal matches, is four to one. This makes stabilizing ranked queues a necessity and a pressing issue.

Players should be able to comfortably enjoy ranked matches now without the presence of game-breaking bugs.