Ranked queues disabled in Teamfight Tactics due to numerous Patch 9.19 bugs

Ranked should be back tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics ranked queues are disabled until tomorrow after players were inundated with numerous game-breaking bugs.

TFT product lead Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel tweeted the bad news today, explaining that Patch 9.19 gave way to a slew of unintended bugs.

“Turns out a number of the TFT bugs found on 9.19 are pretty gnarly so we’ll be disabling ranked until tomorrow so we can get all the fixes in placed and redeployed safely,” Henkel said. “We’ll be bringing ranked back online as soon as we can.”

Some bugs, like Titanic Hydra granting six percent of the wearer’s max health in damage instead of three percent, were minor inconveniences. Other bugs had a truly adverse effect on the state of the game, however.

Drawing with an opponent at the end of a round was causing both players to be dealt massive damage, with some numbers reaching as high as 97 life. And Neeko’s Help was temporarily removed for having an insanely-high drop rate, making it easy for players to have multiple three-star units.

Although Riot attempted to hotfix the bugs, developers determined that disabling ranked is better for players’ League Points (LP).

Fans eager to try out new team comps in ranked will have to wait until tomorrow.