Ranked play is coming to Teamfight Tactics in League Patch 9.14

It's now official.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games confirmed in a development update today that Teamfight Tactics’ ranked mode is coming to the main League of Legends server with Patch 9.14 next week. Fans should expect it to arrive on Tuesday.

Players who have access to the Public Beta Environment can already see how the ranked system works. Riot added it yesterday to these servers.

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“Something worth noting is that while you can’t win every game of TFT, if you place in the top four you’ll typically gain LP and move up in rank,” Riot said. “So even if you aren’t quite able to find the units or items you were looking for, don’t give up.”

The current version of TFT ranked ladder on the PBE needs players to finish five matches to have a rank assigned to them. As usual, they can climb up the ladder or be demoted in future matches depending on their final placement. The better your position in the top four, the more MMR points you earn, and the opposite is true for losing points when placing in the bottom four.

This is similar to how ranked works in TFT’s rival autobattler Dota Underlords.

Players should expect League Patch 9.14 to come next week if Riot keeps its usual update schedule. It should come in no later than two weeks, though. When it’s out, TFT players will also see Twisted Fate in their matches as a Pirate Sorcerer tier-two unit.