Riot adds Twisted Fate to Teamfight Tactics on the PBE

A Pirate Sorcerer joins the roster.

Image via Riot Games

A new League of Legends champion joined Teamfight Tactics in the Public Beta Environment last night.

Twisted Fate is now part of the game’s roster. He’s a tier-two Pirate and Sorcerer unit that costs two gold and has a base HP of 450 and 50 mana at one star. Riot brought his League W ability, Pick a Card, to TFT. It has one of three effects at random when Twisted Fate uses it.

The first effect of Pick a Card just deals damage according to his level (200/300/400). He can stun targets with the second effect for 2/3/4 seconds, while the third and last possible effect restores mana (20/35/50) to himself and nearby allies.

TFT players on social media have started theorycrafting about possible combos with Twisted Fate’s addition. Some say he’ll become a strong pick in Sorcerer compositions due to his mana restore, which could be game-changing for teams with Aurelion Sol and Brand. He can let players activate the Pirate bonus earlier than they can in the main server now, which could affect the early stages of some matches.

It’s unclear how close allies must be to Twisted Fate to have their mana recovered by his Pick a Card ability. When testing it, it’s better to try to place allies around him to make sure the ability affects them.

Along with his addition, Riot changed Elise’s tier from three to one, which means she’s now a one-gold unit. This will have a small effect on how easy it is to find multiple copies of a tier-one unit in TFT to rank them up since now there are more of them.

Riot has yet to announce when Twisted Fate’s addition and the Elise change are coming to the main servers. These alterations are only on the test servers, which means they’re subject to change before they’re released.