Players who own Sett’s Calling Card will get the champion for free

It's a nice little reward.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has good news for the small number of players who got Sett’s Calling Card in League of Legends over the past few months.

Starting today, you’ll instantly unlock Sett for no additional cost if you earned the card, regardless of how you received it. The card was rewarded randomly for players who earned 10 or more first bloods in multiple matches.

Due to the nature of this event, it’s unlikely that players who didn’t get Sett’s Calling Card can now obtain it after his release. The only known way to unlock him is by buying the champion.

Making Sett a free champion for some players is a nice gesture for those who managed to get the card. But those who were hoping for a bigger reward, like an exclusive skin for the champion, will be disappointed.

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This news follows the release of Riot’s latest video looking into the 2020 season, which also touched on Fiddlesticks’ champion update and hints at some upcoming new champions that will be released as part of a major in-game event this summer.

Sett in now live in League.