How to complete Sett’s calling mission and get the calling card

Here’s how to impress Sett and have his Calling Card ready for January.

Image via Riot Games

New Year is knocking on our doors, and Riot Games already prepared the first champion coming to League of Legends in 2020. Sett is the upcoming juggernaut from Ionia, a champion of raw power players will fight with in the top lane.

Sett became a leader of Iona’s criminal underworld after overtaking a fighting pit he used to stand at as the champion. He turned the pit into his own empire and is now looking for fresh blood he can earn more money with on Summoner’s Rift. And players now have an opportunity to impress him.

During the recent Public Beta Environment cycle, Sett’s calling card was datamined. Riot hasn’t shared any details on how to get the card or what the card gives. The datamine shows the card can be gained by impressing Sett and will be openable later in January.

Some PBE players already got an opportunity to earn themselves the calling card. Here’s how you can do it once it’s live on public servers as well.

How to impress Sett?

Players reported a few different methods that led them to Sett’s Calling Card. To get the calling card, they had to pull off an amazing feat in a game. Some players that have gotten the card on PBE claim to have gotten it after they dealt the highest amount of damage in a game, got S+ grades, or got quadrakills or pentakills.

The only way to get the card confirmed by a number of sources, however, is by taking first blood. Many players confirmed they received it after getting 10 first blood kills. The kills count in Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss games, excluding limited-time game modes, custom, and bot games.

What does Sett’s Calling Card give?

While many players already had an opportunity to impress Sett and receive the card, no one really knows what the card does. Riot already announced Sett’s abilities and placed him in the League universe, but everything about the card has been kept a secret.

The card will be put in use starting on Jan. 14, which is likely when Sett will be released as well. He’s coming with the new additions to the Mecha Kingdoms skin line that is replacing next year’s Lunar event and is getting one of the skins himself.