Riot confirms there won't be any Lunar Revel skins in 2020—but there will be a Twitch skin

Twitch isn't getting a new skin to celebrate the Year of the Rat.

Image via Riot Games

If you were hoping to get some new Lunar Revel League of Legends skins this year, then you’re out of luck. Riot Bellissimoh confirmed on the game’s subreddit last night that the skin line won’t continue this coming year.

Since 2011, Riot Games has released a collection of New Year’s themed skins in correspondence with an event based on the Lunar New Year in the Asian Lunar calendar. Usually, the skins released that year would reflect which animal of the year it was. Last year, for example, was the Year of the Pig and Sejuani got a skin as a result.

This time around, it’s the Year of the Rat. Many people assumed that the champion to get a Lunar Revel skin would be Twitch. But the Lunar Revel skins were replaced by the Mecha Kingdom skin line that was introduced two days ago.

Five new skins will be hitting the live servers for Jax, Garen, Leona, Draven, and the new champion, Sett. Mecha Kingdom Garen will receive the Prestige edition skin this time around and will be available in time for the holiday season.

Riot Bellissimoh confirmed that there will be a Twitch skin released next year, however. It’s unknown if it’ll coincide or mention the Lunar Calender, or if it’ll be connected to another skin line or join a new skin line entirely.