Only 193 Pick’em participants remain with perfect score following first semifinals match of Worlds 2020

Two matches remain to determine who are this year's lucky challengers.

Image via Riot Games

The first semifinals match of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship wrapped up today with DAMWON Gaming taking the victory over G2 Esports. Only 193 Pick’em participants head into the remaining two matches out of 230 players who perfectly predicted the tournament up until the semifinals stage.

While the group stage was seemingly easier to predict this year due to the powerhouse teams in each group, the knockout stage was much more difficult due to the polarity of each matchup. Only DWG were seen as the most dominant team in the lower bracket of the knockout stage.

Screengrab via Riot Games

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Pick’em is an annual challenge hosted by Riot Games in which players can lock in their predictions for the World Championship for chances to win prizes. Last year, only one fan correctly predicted the entirety of the 2019 World Championship and won the grand prize of all five Ultimate skins.

If any of the 193 participants with perfect scores get the remaining matches correct, they’ll have a chance to win an Alienware Battlestation, which is used by pros to play their matches on-stage during the World Championship. But even if you don’t have a perfect Pick’em score, you can still win Blue Essence, Hextech chests, emotes, and summoner icons.

Worlds 2020 continues tomorrow at 4am CT with the second semifinals match between Top Esports and Suning.

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