Only 230 League fans remain on path to perfect Pick’ems following Worlds 2020 quarterfinals

The tournament continues Oct. 24.

Image via Riot Games

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals wrapped up today, and the numbers are in. Only 230 Pick’em players will head into the semifinals with heads held high, having accurately predicted all of the main event’s matches so far.

For each World Championship, Riot Games allows fans to lock in their bracket predictions for a chance to win prizes. The task has proved itself to be challenging over the years, however. Only a single person out of millions correctly guessed last year’s outcome and earned all five ultimate skins as their reward.

For this year’s tournament, a total of 3,050 people accurately predicted all group-stage matches. Following the first half of quarterfinals, that number dropped to a mere 574. But only 230 fans successfully predicted the outcome of the weekend, which saw Top Esports reverse sweep Fnatic yesterday and G2 Esports defeat Gen.G in a clean 3-0 today.

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Worlds 2020 continues with the semifinals match between DAMWON Gaming and G2 on Oct. 24 at 5am CT. Those who have correctly predicted the outcome of this year’s tournament so far still have a shot at winning the grand prize, an Alienware Battlestation—the same type of PCs that pro players use for Worlds matches. Other rewards from this year’s Pick’ems include summoner icons, random champion shards, and crafting essence.

League of Legends fans will be able to rack up more points when predictions for the semifinals opens later today.

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