One LoL jungler still has the worst win rate despite Patch 13.10 buffs

Tough times.

League of Legends champions are fighting each other in a battle.
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When a League of Legends champion is struggling, the developers give them some buffs to bring their win rate up. This is what happened to Neeko, who was the worst jungler in Patch 13.9. Patch 13.10’s changes didn’t help much though, and she’s still the worst-performing champion in the role.

Neeko currently has the worst win rate in all ranks, recording only 45.58 percent at the time of writing, according to League stats site U.GG. Her win rate has improved by a small margin, though, since it was as low as 42.62 percent in the previous update.

On the other hand, Neeko didn’t receive significant buffs, so the fact she’s struggling isn’t too surprising. The devs improved her Q and W’s damage to monsters in Patch 13.10, while also bolstering her overall magic damage converter on her ultimate. With these changes, it would seem like Neeko could clear the jungle fast and have a bigger impact on the teamfights, however, not as much as her mains would’ve expected.

Still, not all hope is lost for players who favor Neeko. The champion received a highly-anticipated rework in Patch 13.9, so the devs should continue to tweak her in a way that would actually make her a solid pick in solo queue.

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There won’t be any changes to her in Patch 13.11, though, as the devs already revealed the list of champions getting an update in the upcoming patch. They could still change their mind before it goes live on June 1, however.

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