5 LoL champions could stage meta return thanks to major cooldown changes in Patch 13.11

Ready to see them again?

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The League of Legends meta will soon see another overhaul with significant changes in Patch 13.11. Seven champions will be buffed in the upcoming update, with five possibly returning to the meta after receiving major cooldown adjustments.

These five champions are Azir, Kalista, Rek’Sai, Renekton, and Twisted Fate. The list of changes was posted by League’s dev team on Twitter on May 23, and it detailed the changes coming for each champion and item in Patch 13.11.

Almost all of these champions will receive shortened cooldowns to crucial abilities. Azir will have his Q cooldown reduced from 12 to six seconds, allowing him to use his Sand Soldiers more often. Renekton will have his E and R cooldown reduced, allowing him to be more mobile and aggressive. And the same goes for Twisted Fate and Rek’Sai, with the former receiving a reduced cooldown on his W, which will allow him to pick a card much faster.

The only exception is Kalista. The devs are increasing the cooldown of her Sentinels, which isn’t a major part of her kit anyway. Nevertheless, she’s also receiving a handful of buffs, including higher damage on Q and E, as well as a boost to her base stats.

Renekton, Rek’Sai, and Azir are being targeted with additional buffs as well, including better ratios for their abilities and direct updates to their damage. When combined, these changes make a strong case for them coming back to the meta for good.

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Patch 13.11 will also introduce nerfs to champions, but most importantly, a stunning amount of system changes. After Patch 13.10, which completely shook up the meta, the devs are clearly trying to adjust the game before professional play commences.

Patch 13.11 is scheduled to hit the live servers on June 1.

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