Older League champions are still too expensive, players suggest

Champions from nearly seven years ago cost the same amount of BE and RP as the game's newest releases.

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League of Legends champions cost a bit too much Blue Essence for some players, according to opinions and comments from a recent post on the game’s official subreddit. 

A recent post on the League subreddit claims that Riot has not been updating its official “Permanent Champion Price Reduction” schedule page on its website, which is true, although it leaves out the crucial detail that Riot is still reducing champions’ prices in the actual League client store. Regardless of its accuracy, though, fans are still upset.

While the webpage has not been updated since the release of Akshan in July 2021, champions are still seeing their BE and RP costs reduced at the same rate they always have been.

Traditionally, Riot has reduced the Blue Essence cost of one League champion whenever a new champion is added to the game. The schedule that champions get their price reduced by is 32 champions behind the current curve, meaning that 32 new additions must be brought onto the League roster for one champ that costs 6300 BE to be reduced to the 4800 BE threshold. 

Most recently, Aurelion Sol, the 130th champion added to League, had his price reduced to 4800 BE when K’Sante, the 162nd champion on the roster, was introduced. The lineup of champions that are having their costs reduced will continue to grow when the game’s next champion, Milio, releases and Taliyah has her price dropped from 6300 BE to 4800. 

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The most major issue in this scheduling process lies in the fact that champion releases are fewer and farther between than they have been in the past. On average, Riot has only been releasing five champions per year dating back to 2019, meaning that champions from nearly six years ago are still seated at the highest cost threshold in the League store. Kled, who was released in August 2016, costs the same amount of BE (and RP) as K’Sante, who is the freshest champion in the game at an age of just over two months old. 

Milio, an upcoming enchanter support who’s slated to be the next champion released in League, has not yet been given a release date. Currently, Riot has at least four champions planned for 2023, although more announcements could come at a later date. Should only four champions be released this year, Camille will have her cost reduced, with Xayah and Rakan next in line. 


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