New Teamfight Tactics Inferno origin revealed with champions Diana and Kindred

Set Two is scheduled for an early November release.

Image via Riot Games

The Teamfight Tactics board is about to get a whole lot hotter.

Riot Games allowed several content creators to reveal exclusive information on the new classes, units, and origins coming with TFT Set two today. Spanish YouTuber CoolLifeGame gave fans a first look into the Inferno origin, along with new unit Diana and returning champion Kindred.

“Inferno abilities burn the ground under the target and inflicts a percentage of the damage of said ability before giving the mitigation as magic damage for five seconds,” according to a translation of the ability.

The three-unit bonus deals 80 percent magic damage over five seconds, while the six-unit bonus is 150 percent. The nine-unit bonus deals a whopping 250 percent magic damage.

Screengrab via CoolLifeGame

Diana, donning her Infernal skin from League of Legends, will be a two-cost Inferno and Assassin unit. The Scorn of the Moon’s ability will create three rotating orbs around her that explode when she hits an enemy, dealing magic damage. Diana will also generate a three-second shield that absorbs 150/250/350 damage depending on her level.

Screengrab via CoolLifeGame

Kindred make their TFT return as a three-cost Shadow Inferno Ranger, down one gold from Set One. The two entities work together for the unit’s ability, with Wolf rushing in to deal magic damage and Lamb jumping away. Kindred will likely benefit from jumping away from enemies since they’re a part of the Ranger class.

New units Annie and Zyra are also expected to be a part of the Inferno origin.

No information on the Shadow origin has been revealed yet, but YouTuber Jonas “Sp4zie” Ring revealed the Mage class today. Replacing Sorcerers, Mages will have a 50-percent chance to double cast their abilities at three units and a 100-percent chance to double cast at six units.

TFT Set Two is scheduled to release in early November.