New Pulsefire Thresh skin found on League’s PBE

A Prestige Edition may be on the horizon.

Image via Riot Games

It’s patch day for League of Legends fans, which means new skins are cropping up on the game’s Public Beta Environment. But only one skin has surfaced so far: Pulsefire Thresh.

YouTube channel SkinSpotlights discovered the skin on the game’s PBE before the testing server went down for maintenance today. The skin features the Chain Warden with a blue, holographic effect coming out of his torso and ribbon-like strands attached to his head. His head floats above his body and his eyes glow red. Thresh’s lantern has been replaced with a device that he spins around on his way back to base.

In a September update, Riot Games revealed that Thresh is set to receive a Prestige Edition before the end of the year. With Pulsefire Thresh having surfaced, it’s likely that this new skin for the Chain Warden will release alongside a golden variant. The Prestige Edition will be available for fans to purchase for 100 Prestige Points, according to Riot’s post.

Riot may preview more skins when League’s PBE comes back online. We’ll keep this article updated as more information is released.

Update Nov. 5 6:48pm CT: A new PBE feedback post featured Pulsefire Thresh turnarounds and listed the skin at 1350 RP. Riot did not list any additional skins.