Master Yi’s win rate plunges after League hotfix goes live

The nerf hammer was too strong.

Image via Riot Games

Master Yi’s win rate has dropped dramatically in solo queue just a few days after Riot Games released a League of Legends hotfix targeting the champion. The Wuju Bladesman now sits at a 29.67 percent win rate in Diamond+ and a 41.56 percent win rate in Silver, according to stats lolalytics.

The champion immediately saw an increase in win rate after Patch 12.5 went live on March 2. On Thursday, a day after the patch launched, Master Yi jumped up to a 53.54 percent win rate in Diamond+ and a 55.45 percent win rate in Silver.

Master Yi’s popularity also skyrocketed after the patch hit the live servers. It has raised from 11.79 percent on Feb. 28 all the way to 17.5 percent at the time of writing.

The patch aimed to pivot Master Yi away from his standard lethality build to focus more on on-hit items like Kraken Slayer, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Wit’s End. But these changes clearly didn’t have the intended effects.

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In response to Master Yi’s sudden boost in the solo queue rankings, Riot hit Alpha Strike (Q), Wujuu Style (E), and Highlander (R) with the nerf hammer, reducing the champion’s win rate by an enormous 20 percent in the top ranks.

It remains to be seen if Riot will step in again and make further changes to Master Yi’s kit. But for now, players will have to sit tight and wait for the next patch. The devs are currently pausing operations to “collect, reflect, and discuss” their goals. Patch 12.6 is scheduled for March 30.

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