Yasuo buffs, Kai’Sa and Banner of Command nerfs in the latest League of Legends hotfix

A few changes are being made to Patch 8.11.

Image via Riot Games

Everyone’s favorite swordsman from League of Legends is receiving a few buffs in today’s balance update to Patch 8.11.

Yasuo and Taliyah will both be buffed, while Kai’Sa, Ezreal, and Banner of Command are getting nerfed, according to RiotAether on Twitter.

Yasuo’s base attack damage has been increased from 60 to 63, and the crit damage on his Q, Steel Tempest, is improving by 30 percent. Additionally, the combination of Brawler’s Gloves and Infinity Edge now properly grants 40 percent critical-strike chance to Yasuo.

“The loss of crit chance on IE means if Yasuo wants to utilize his crit-doubling passive, he has to rush a Zeal item—none of which come with AD,” Riot said. “We’re giving him some early/midgame help so he’s better able to make it through the process of building Phantom Dancer, while also letting up on the Q crit damage reduction now that IE no longer multiplies crit damage.”

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Taliyah, who recently received some major nerfs, will now get an increase in her damage to other champions. Her base attack damage has been increased from 56 to 58, and her E, Unraveled Earth, will deal more damage across all ranks.

Many League players will be happy to see that Banner of Command has been nerfed—the item’s empowered minion damage reduction has been lowered from 70 to 40 percent. Kai’Sa’s plasma base on-hit damage, plasma per-stack damage, and plasma AP ratio were all lowered, while Ezreal received slight nerfs to his attack damage growth and the attack speed gained per stack from his passive.

Yasuo mains will definitely be happy about these buffs, but opposing mid laners might not be as thrilled.