Lissandra’s scary new passive works well unless Mordekaiser is involved

Of course it was Mordekaiser who broke things, again.

Image via Riot Games

Lissandra’s awesome new passive, which turns her into the queen of the White Walkers, hit the PBE this week. If it feels like we’ve written a lot about it already, it’s because this is a totally new sort of effect that we’re super excited to see in action. 

In case you missed it though, it creates an ice zombie of any enemy champion that dies near Lissandra. The zombie, properly named a Frozen Thrall, seeks out nearby enemies, prioritizing champions, and slows them before blowing up. Upon exploding, Thralls deal 120 damage at level one scaling to 520 at level 18, as well as 30 percent of Lissandra’s AP as magic damage. 

Screengrab via Surrender @ 20

The early results are promising. Sion can die, come back to life as a zombie, and then come back to life as a zombie again. And Kog’Maw gets to explode two times on whatever poor sap he’s able to reach. YouTube user Vandiril went through some of the most complex interactions of the passive in a new video:

It seems like the passive is designed to kick in once a champion’s fully dead. So that means after Sion’s revive is done, after Anivia’s egg is cracked, and after Karthus’ passive wears off. It seems to work well in all instances except for with one champion: Mordekaiser. Of course it was Mordekaiser who broke things.

The way it’s supposed to work with Mordekaiser’s ult is that both take effect: The Mordekaiser ghost should appear when it usually does and the Frozen Thrall comes to life upon champion death. In one example, Lissandra and Mordekaiser teamed up to kill a Sion. The ghost came up when he died the first time to fight zombie Sion and the Thrall arrived when the Sion zombie was dead. 

But that interaction seems to not be consistent. In multiple instances, Mordekaiser’s ghost would simply disappear even though he had ulted properly and the icon was active.

So is this a bug with Lissandra’s passive or Mordekaiser’s ult? Well given the track record of the latter champion, we think the Master of Metal is at fault on this one.