Team Liquid show that glacials can work in the LCS with a win over TSM

TSM should have played four demons.

Photo via Riot Games

With first place locked in after 100 Thieves beat CLG earlier in today, Team Liquid decided to unleash a secret strategy in their final regular-season game: glacials.

Liquid even surprised themselves by winning with a Teamfight Tactics inspired team comp, beating TSM quite handily with Volibear and Nunu.

“I really did not expect to win, I’m not gonna lie,” Liquid ADC Peter “Doublelift” Peng said in the post-game interview. “We were really trolling.”

Even while trolling, Liquid had full control of the game, making Doublelift quite happy.

“The best is when you troll and also win,” Doublelift said.

Liquid sucked all the hype away from TSM mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg picking his famed Zed, a champion who he hadn’t played since the spring of 2017.

Heading into the ninth and final week of regular season play, Liquid had little to play for after already securing a playoff bye. What did Liquid do leading up to a week of play that honestly meant very little win or lose? They played Teamfight Tactics.

“We practiced TFT for a whole week for this comp,” Liquid support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in joked. 

While he said he personally doesn’t play Teamfight Tactics, Doublelift admitted that his “team’s addicted though.”

Now with all of their regular-season games complete, Liquid will get a short break from on-stage play and will jump straight into the semifinals thanks to the playoff bye they earned.

What will Liquid be doing with this break? They’ll probably play more Teamfight Tactics.