Leona can stun-lock players for nearly 5 full seconds in League Patch 11.13

Leona players will always find a way to keep you locked down.

Image via Riot Games

A Reddit user has discovered that Leona can stun-lock players for a total of nearly five seconds in League of Legends Patch 11.13.

Leona’s full combo can already snare and stun players for three consecutive seconds on its own. But with the latest item added to the game, Anathema’s Chains, Leona can keep enemies stunned for even longer. In fact, by the time Leona’s stun combo runs out, Anathema’s Chains can allow Leona players to keep their target locked long enough for their cooldowns to come back up. 

Anathema’s Chains reduces the tenacity of a nearby, designated enemy by 20 percent. If Leona’s abilities are timed in perfect, succinct order, the champion’s chain of stuns can last for up to 3.6 seconds on the dot. When Leona players build ability haste items on top of Anathema’s Chains, notably including Kindlegem, their cooldowns will be short enough to lock enemies down before they even have the chance to think about getting away.  

With Anathema’s Chains, Kindlegem, and one ability haste rune, the cooldown of Leona’s Shield of Daybreak (Q) is reduced to 3.62 seconds. This only provides a window of 0.02 seconds in between the expiration of Leona’s stun and her stun’s cooldown. If you don’t manage to escape within that immensely short window, you’ll be stunned for another 1.2 seconds by the Leona player’s second Shield of Daybreak, bringing the total time in the chain of stuns to 4.8 seconds.

Another interaction between Anathema’s Chains and Morgana was discovered last week. Players found that her Dark Binding (Q) could snare targets for nearly four seconds. League players are also finding that other abilities, such as Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) and Cassiopeia’s Petrifying Gaze (R), are benefitting from Anathema’s Chains. 

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