League’s EUW servers appear to be down—again


Image via Riot Games

For the second time in the same week, it seems like League’s EUW servers are down.

The Riot Service Status page has been updated to say that devs are “aware of a problem that’s causing players to get stuck in a login queue and are working on a fix.” As for a time frame, the Riot Support Twitter explained that “servers are down momentarily.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

Dot Esports’ attempt to login to the client failed due to an abnormally long queue time.

The Service Status page also explained that ranked queues are disabled until the issue is fixed. Though there’s no set time on when the servers will be up again, it will likely be as soon as possible since it’s on Riot’s radar.

The server issues appear to be affecting all EUW players, including Fnatic mid laner Nemesis. The Slovenian player was casting other players’ games on his stream since he couldn’t get into a match himself.

Unfortunately for European players, the EU servers have been plagued with frustrating outages in recent months. The servers went down two days ago for similar reasons and again last month after numerous players reported Champion Select problems. That same February server outage affected Clash’s official launch in EUW and EUNE, delaying the bracket-style tournament for a week.