League of Legends EUW servers seem to be down

Not again.

Image via Riot Games

European League of Legends fans have reason to complain once again.

Riot’s EUW servers are struggling today. The company updated its EUW Service Status page, claiming that it’s “aware of issues with parties and lobbies and are currently investigating.” 

Dot Esports’ attempt to log in to the League client failed, however. It appears trying to log in results in a long queue time.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Unfortunately for many European fans, the EUW servers have been notoriously plagued with issues. Ranked queues were disabled last month after numerous players reported Champion Select problems. Players were getting stuck at zero during the countdown and would never actually get into the match. This negatively impacted normal queues and custom games as well.

That same server outage also affected Clash’s official launch in EUW and EUNE. The bracket-style tournament was delayed by a week in those respective regions.

It’s unclear how long the EUW servers will be affected. Concerned players can check the Riot Support Twitter for updates.