League of Legends Worlds 2019 Pick’em leaderboard

Can anyone reach rank one this year?

Image via Riot Games

Fans have had the privilege of watching several all-out brawls of epic proportions at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship—and it’s only just begun.

There have been a few surprising upsets so far, including DAMWON Gaming falling short to Team Liquid and China’s No. 1 team losing to the LMS. There’s still a week and half of games to go, though. And despite what’s happened so far, many Pick’ems are very much intact.

For the 2,926,400 participants in this year’s annual Pick’em challenge, there’s just under a week before the scores will be counted and the points start rolling in. At the moment, everyone sits at rank 10 with zero points. But when the knockout stage picks open on Monday, Oct. 21, that will soon change.

Here’s the leaderboard for the 2019 Worlds Pick’em challenge

RankDivisionNumber of playersPercent of playersPoints needed
1Baron Nashor2,6820.092 percent64
2Elder Dragon9,5600.33 percent58
3Blue Sentinel77,1572.6 percent50
4Red Brambleback257,0458.8 percent42
5Crimson Raptor582,84220 percent34
6Ancient Krug886,45230 percent26
7Gromp795,40427 percent18
8Greater Murk Wolf29,20110 percent10
9Caster Minion16,9540.58 percent2
10Poro1030.0035 percent0