How to play in League’s 2019 Worlds Pick’em

Pick’em goes live on Oct. 9.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is just over a week away, meaning fans are already casting their votes for who they think will take the Summoner’s Cup this year.

Luckily for those looking for pride and glory, Riot Games is once again offering fans a place where they carve their predictions in stone for the chance of winning exclusive rewards with Worlds Pick’em.

Pick’em is an annual predictions system where fans can go and rank teams during the World Championship group and knockout stages. There’s no cost for participating and those who guess correctly will rack up points, which they can then use to earn exclusive rewards.

Everyone will earn prizes regardless of the outcome of their predictions, however. Riot is handing out 500 blue essence to anyone who completes their brackets for both the group and knockout stage. Those who collect 34 points will be awarded with the golden-themed Worlds Pick’em Master Poro summoners icon. Additionally, fans who correctly predict all rankings and matches for both stages will earn all five ultimate skins.

Pick’Em won’t go live until Oct. 9. Once it opens, fans can log into the LoL Esports site using their League account and head over to the Pick’Em page when the brackets 1pm CT. They will have only a limited time to fill in their predictions before their rankings are locked in prior to the start of the group stage, which begins on Oct. 12 at 1am CT.

For the knockout stage, Pick’em will reopen on Oct. 21 at 1pm CT. Fans will then have the chance to complete a bracket for the knockout stage on Oct. 26.