League of Legends Worlds 2019 in-game event is now live

It’s finally here.

Image via Riot Games

The 2019 World Championship in-game event has started, giving League of Legends fans access to new skins, icons, tokens, and missions.

Riot revealed the in-game event with the 2019 World Championship Event Trailer on the League Esports Twitter today, showcasing all of the new content available from today until Nov. 19.

The Championship Ryze skin is making it’s Summoner’s Rift debut with the event, giving the blue-skinned mage an awesome golden scroll to practice his magic.

That’s not the only skin being introduced with the event, though. Fans can pick up the Immortal Journey skins for Riven, Nami, and Morgana, which are now available in the shop.

League players looking to earn unlimited tokens to redeem for event content can purchase the Worlds 2019 Pass for 1,650 Riot Points (RP). The pass will reward you with a new icon, 200 Worlds 2019 Tokens, and four Worlds 2019 Orbs. Passholders will also be given exclusive mission rewards to earn additional content, such as Little Legends Series Eggs, Gemstones, and Orange Essence.

Baron Nasher and the rest of Summoner’s Rift also got a clean, new look to celebrate League’s 10-year anniversary.

Fans eager to watch their favorite team compete in the biggest League tournament of the year can do so on starting on Oct. 2.