League of Legends player uses Vladimir to 1-vs-4 and defend Nexus

There was a lot at stake, but the vampire delivered.

Image via Riot Games

One unlucky League of Legends team learned an important lesson—never go neck and neck with a vampire.

A League player showcased an insane Vladimir play and posted it on Reddit today. In a clutch one-vs-four scenario, the Crimson Reaper was able to defend the Nexus and save the game.

With four enemies storming the base and all their teammates facing hefty respawn timers, the player had to take matters into their own hands.

Vlad began by using Hemoplague (R) on three opponents and using his Sanguine Pool (W) to dodge a Jarvan knock up. A well-timed Zhonya’s allowed the bloodthirsty vampire to charge up the Bloodthirst passive. Immediately after the Stopwatch effect ended, the player Flashed and dodged another Jarvan E, Q. With a full Bloodthirst bar, Vlad was able to deliver a devastating amount of damage and eventually take out three opponents.

In what appears to be a miscommunication, the enemy Aatrox didn’t partake in the duel but was trying to end the game instead. With three enemies sitting in the gray screen, Vlad set his sights on the last poor victim and finished a successful base defense.

The player and their team went on to win the game and gain some coveted LP.