League of Legends fans are on the fence about the game’s new logo

Players agree that the old logo needed an update, but they’re unwilling to let go.

Image via Riot Games

In celebration of League of Legends 10-year anniversary, Riot Games unveiled a new official logo yesterday. While some fans appreciate the refreshing take on the trademark, others are struggling to let go.

The League community is on the fence about the new icon, which attempted to revive the antiquated logo with a new minimalist spin. Fans are expressing their concerns on Reddit today, letting nostalgia rule their emotions.

Image via Riot Games

After Riot changed League’s icon on Twitch, one fan explained their reluctance to accept the new logo.

“Overall it’ll take time to grow on me, I’m just not used to it,” the fan said. “I don’t blame Riot for doing this though… I stared at the old logo for a good while and yeah, while I love it, it kinda does looks old and outdated. I’ll miss the old logo dearly…It just doesn’t feel exactly right.”

Other fans echoed the same sentiment, agreeing that the old logo did need to be revitalized but the change didn’t have to be so drastic.

“The old logo feels like it was meant for a game of an earlier era, yes,” another fan commented on the Reddit post. “But if they wanted a new logo, they should have just cleaned it up… The new logo feels like it’s gonna assault me with an ad at least twice every youtube video.”

The consensus is clear⁠—the old logo needed refining. League fans are just struggling to give it up and it’s completely understandable. A decade means that a majority of fans grew up with the MOBA and, like a beloved stuffed animal or blanket, it can be hard to let go.

It’s not a surprise that Riot is trying to bring back the spark for their 10-year anniversary. Even though League is still one of the world’s most popular games after a decade, with a peak of eight million concurrent players on a daily basis, the player base isn’t as high as it once was. 

And considering all the harassment lawsuits over the last year, Riot is trying to move forward with a bit of rebranding. A change like this, especially with Worlds 2019 around the corner, can help a company and its fans try to forgive and forget about a shady past.

While the change may not be exactly welcomed, it was definitely needed.