League celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a new logo and a live celebration

Riot is celebrating with a livestream and a sneak peek at the future of the game.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends turns 10 years old in October. The game’s official release date was Oct. 27, 2009. Since then, we’ve seen dozens of champions released, dozens of reworks for Ryze, and enough lore to pack an encyclopedia.

To celebrate the success of the game and the big anniversary, Riot will kick off a 10th anniversary celebration on Oct. 15 featuring livestreams, events, and reveals for the game’s future. And among the biggest reveals is a refresh to the official League logo:

Image via Riot Games

It’s a big accomplishment for League to still be as popular as it is 10 years in. The game sees a worldwide peak of eight million concurrent players on a daily basis, which Riot believes puts League at the top among PC games.

Things aren’t perfect, however, which is why on Oct. 15 at 7pm CT, Riot will host a 10th anniversary edition of “Riot Pls,” a popular segment in which the company memes itself with responses to common player complaints. In this special edition, the company will share some of its favorite moments, give a sneak peak into the 2020 preseason, and share its ideas on the next big Teamfight Tactics update.

You can catch all of the action and reveals when the celebration kicks off on Oct. 15.