League fans can pre-order this stunning Miss Fortune statue set to release later this year

The Bilgewater Bounty Hunter could be at your bedside with this 3D photo frame.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Bounty Hunter will be receiving her very own collectible later this year, known as the Miss Fortune Statue Frame.

The infamous Bilgewater Bounty Hunter has been a playable champion in League since September 2010 and has since become one of the game’s most popular champions. Now, AD carry mains can purchase a 3D version of the redheaded gunslinger by grabbing a hold of the Miss Fortune Statue Frame.

“In cooperation with League of Legends, the 3D photo frame of The Bounty Hunter-Miss Fortune is debuted!” Infinity Studio’s Instagram post reads. “The well-known Bilgewater’s bounty hunter appears in front of us with a powerful aura. In regards to the design, Miss Fortune is holding a gun singlehandedly, her eyes sharply looking at her target, with her overall look elegant and confident.”

The Miss Fortune Statue Frame is made of PVC and is nearly ten inches tall, eight inches wide, and one inch in depth. While not large in size, the intricate details that bestow the bedside photo frame are enough to grab the attention of any League fan.

“The border pattern of the frame, as well as the details of the character, is so delicately molded, highlighting the power and image of Miss Fortune’s capability to have everything under control,” Infinity Studios adds.

The Miss Fortune statue frame is a League collectible that was created by Infinity Studio, a Chinese collectibles brand established in 2015. Zhao Meng Long and Liu Zeijie were behind the sculpting while ZJ Shen was the creative behind the design of the collectible. 

This won’t be the company’s first foray into the League of Legends universe. The collectibles studio has also created statues and figurines for Irela, Ashe, and Jinx

The Chinese based company has created a wide range of various collectibles that include the Justice League, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Ball Z, and now League with the future release of the Miss Fortune Photo Frame.

The photo frame pictured is only a prototype and could very well change in appearance once the final project is created and has all of the finishing touches added.

The Miss Fortune Statue Frame is currently available for pre-order at the starting price of $123 and is expected to ship between the months of October and December this year. Though, it might be better to order it as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this intricate memorabilia.

Those interested in more of Infinity Studio’s work can check out their collectibles on Instagram.

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