League fan creates superb floral-themed Spirit Blossom Xayah concept

Her feathers would be replaced with lotus petals.

League of Legends fan by the name of magnusmight shared their stunning skin concept for Xayah today.

The artist expressed their enjoyment for the recent Spirit Blossom event and skins and shared an idea of what the Rebel would look like if she were to join the game’s newest skin line.

Image via magnusmight

The skin is envisioned in a rose-tinted hue with some light gold and sapphire colors to complement it. If Spirit Blossom Xayah were to be created, she would be joining the ranks of Cassiopeia, Lillia, Riven, Thresh, Yone, and others in receiving a skin from the newest skin line.

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While it’s not guaranteed that this skin will be made, Riot could easily take some inspiration from it and create something as beautiful as this fan-made skin concept in the future.

The Spirit Blossom Festival is an ancient and celebrated time in Ionia, when the door to the spirit world is opened, the dead return to their loved ones, and spirits of all manner turn their eyes towards the living. League fans can continue partaking in the Spirit Blossom event before it ends on Aug. 24.

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