How to watch the LCS 2021 Spring Split

The competitive spirit of NA reignites in February.

Image via Riot Games

Every year the North American region strives to prove itself on the highest stage of League of Legends. Last year’s Worlds 2020 ended in a rather disappointing way both for the fans and the teams since not a single NA team could break into the top eight. 

With TSM failing to win a single match during the group stage, all hope rested on the shoulders of Team Liquid and FlyQuest, but the pair was only able to hold on for so long. Around this level of competition, there are usually two things that can happen when results are lacking. Teams either start shuffling players like there’s no tomorrow or stick together to learn from their mistakes.

The chain of roster moves started with two star TSM players, Doublelift and Bjergsen, announcing their retirement and Cloud9 acquiring Perkz from G2 Esports. While the teams that attended Worlds 2020 are looking to strengthen their roots, the ones that stayed at home are focused on making sure it never happens again.

The LCS 2021 Spring Split is scheduled to kick off on Feb. 5, and a total of 10 teams will battle with each other in a double round-robin format. Each match during the group stage will be best-of-ones, and the top six teams will qualify for the Mid-Season Showdown.

The Mid-Season Showdown is the rebranded version of LCS’ Spring Playoffs, and the four top-seeded teams during the regular season will start the Showdown in the upper bracket. The remaining two teams will be waiting for them in the lower bracket, where losers will be out of the tournament for good.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LCS 2021 Spring Split.


The LCS 2021 Spring Split will be broadcasted live on LCS’ Twitch channel. If you’re looking to claim prizes while you’re enjoying some LCS action, you can also tune into the matches via League’s Esports page. You’ll need to log into the website with your Riot account and activate rewards before watching a game, however, and you’ll also be able to complete esports quests.

The complete schedule of the event has yet to be announced.

Matches to watch

  • Cloud9 vs. TSM – Team Liquid
    • The 2020 Summer Split didn’t go according to Cloud9’s plan. A squad that was aiming for a spot at Worlds was left hanging, which was devastating for the fans. With the addition of Perkz, the Cloud9 roster is looking stronger than ever, and the players will be looking to prove themselves once again to the whole region. Any matchup that features Cloud9 against any of the top dogs of the region like TSM and Team Liquid should be a blast to watch.