How to unlock the Annie-versary skin

"Have you seen my bear Tibbers?"

Image via Riot Games

Christmas has come early for League of Legends fans. To celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, Riot is rewarding its player base with 10 Days of Gifting. Included in the vast range of free goods are a summoner’s icon, a Little Legend, and, most importantly, an Annie-versary skin.

Starting today, Oct. 17, League fans simply need to log in, play a game, and reap their reward. Day one of the event will offer an anniversary icon, emote, and ward skin, ramping up to bigger and better gifts each day. 

The anniversary event specifies 10 days, but there are 11 days of prizes. The final day will grant the lucrative Annie-versary skin, complete with a muscular Teemo-Tibbers hybrid monstrosity. 

How to unlock the skin

Anyone with an account created before Oct. 15 is eligible for the 10 Days of Gifting. All you have to do is log into League each day to receive the rewards. 

Don’t worry if you skip a day or two, though. The event is intended to be a no-stress experience. If you miss a day by accident, you can catch up and collect your gifts the following days.

If you want the Annie-versary skin as soon as possible, starting now is recommended. Simply log in each day all the way up to League’s 10th birthday on Oct. 27.