Gwen’s win rate plummets in League Patch 12.5

The champion is not doing well in solo queue.

Image via Riot Games

Gwen jungle now has the lowest win rate in the Platinum division and above following changes made to the champion in League of Legends Patch 12.5, according to stats site U.GG.

The champion currently sits at a 42.99 percent win rate in the jungle. While being picked in the top lane—a lane for which she was initially designed—she has a 45.99 percent win rate, ranking as the fifth-worst champion in that position.

On March 2, Patch 12.5 implemented several nerfs to the Hallowed Seamstress. Her maximum damage to monsters was lowered and her bonus attack range on her Skip ‘N Slash (E) was decreased.

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Riot Games said that the goal of these changes was to weaken the champion’s impact in professional play. While it remains to be seen if the devs have achieved this goal (the pros are currently playing on Patch 12.4), Gwen has definitely taken a hit in solo queue.

And it’s no wonder Riot wanted to nerf the champion. Gwen has been popular amongst the pros this season. In the 2022 LEC Spring Split, she has seen a 57.5 percent pick and ban rate, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

But she’s not the only champion that was targeted with the nerf hammer in recent weeks. On March 4, a set of hotfixes was released for Master Yi, which made his win rate plunge in solo queue.

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