Gen.G outlast Liiv SANDBOX, extend win streak to 5 games in 2021 LCK Summer Split

Even though Gen.G were close to losing the series, they managed to find a way back and claim this win.

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Gen.G outlasted Liiv SANDBOX’s aggression and took them down in an intense 2-1 series in the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

Following this win, Gen.G extended their win streak to five games and is currently looking like the best team in the league consistency-wise. They do not have flashy games like other teams but get the job done with patience and calculated gameplay. SANDBOX came off a huge victory against T1 on Sunday and looked ready to continue their upsets, but managed to throw it all away after a series of misplays.

The MVP votes for Gen.G were picked up by Rascal and Clid, two members who helped carry the rest of the team in today’s series. Rascal played Lee Sin in the second game and after a good early game skirmish snowballed the game for his team. Clid used Diana in the third game for crucial engages to help his team win the series against all odds.

The first match of the series opened up with a surprise from SANDBOX, who managed to outplay Gen.G at their own game. With a slow and controlled playstyle they secured leads all across the map, before grouping up for objectives such as the dragons, Rift Herald, and the Baron. After a couple of teamfight wins, they were able to finish the match in 27 minutes.

The second match was the Rascal show. His Lee Sin was superb, securing early game leads in the top lane, before transitioning to other lanes to impact them. With the help of his jungler Clid, they were able to secure most neutral objectives, before pushing SANDBOX into their base. After a 24-minute teamfight win, Gen.G equalized the series.

The third game of the series was the most intense with SANDBOX securing a lot of leads early on. They managed to use them to pick up early game dragons, before picking up the Cloud Dragon Soul after a midgame fight. All odds were for them to win, however, they managed to overextend for Gen.G’s base, losing the match in the process as Gen.G picked up the Baron and destroyed the Nexus.

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Gen.G (5-0) will be back on Saturday, June 26 with a match against Afreeca Freecs. If AFS manages to sweep Gen.G with a 2-0 series, they’ll tie for first place in the standings.

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