FunPlus Phoenix win their last 2021 LPL Spring Split regular season match in Tian’s return to starting roster

The 20-year-old jungler used Hecarim to stomp his opponents today.

Screengrab via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix ended their 2021 LPL Spring Split regular season on a high note today by taking down Bilibili Gaming in a clean 2-0 sweep following Tian’s return to the starting lineup.

The 20-year-old jungler picked up both MVP votes by performing well on Hecarim throughout today’s series, racking up a combined KDA of 13/1/22.

This LPL series began with an impressive performance by the FPX squad, who went on a rampage from the get-go against BLG. Tian led the charge on Hecarim, stomping his enemies across the Rift and securing all of the early-game objectives. His performance allowed FPX to steamroll BLG and finish the first game of the series in 22 minutes.

After that dominant display in the first game, FPX drafted three of the same five champions that helped them crush their opponents for game two. Hecarim was again left open for Tian and he picked up right where he left off. The champion has risen in popularity recently after multiple nerfs to other junglers. Tian used the Shadow of War to destroy his opponents once again, snowballing and finishing the second game of the series in 25 minutes.

Following this victory, FPX (11-5) locked in a top-six placing in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be back on the Rift during the LPL Spring Split playoffs, which start on April 1.

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