Fnatic, G2, and Team Liquid are 2019’s most popular Western League teams based on viewership

The LEC dominated the charts this year.

Photo via Riot Games

This past year was one of the best years for competitive League of Legends in the West. From Team Liquid winning the LCS championship for the fourth time in a row to G2 Esports winning MSI, Europe and North America have both made some big strides to success in 2019.

Among their peers, however, Fnatic, G2, and Liquid stood tall as the three most popular Western League teams of the year, according to Esports Charts. This news does make sense, though—all three teams were the most popular organizations in their region.

Fnatic led the pack with 262,000 average viewers, while G2 trailed behind with an equally impressive 256,000 average viewers. Meanwhile, Liquid lagged behind the 2019 MSI champions with 244,000 viewers on average. The LEC actually dominated the viewership charts this year, though. Out of the top 10, only three LCS teams had a high enough viewership to compete.

Screengrab via Esports Charts

The ever-popular TSM had 240,000 average viewers, while Cloud9 had 213,000 average viewers. Origen, Splyce, Team Vitality, SK Gaming, and Misfits Gaming lagged behind afterward and filled the rest of the pack. These viewership numbers also reflected the state of competitive play since Europe was one of the best regions in the world in 2019.

Next year, both the LCS and LEC will do battle once again with viewership. NA has welcomed a handful of new faces that could help inject some excitement into the league, while Europe is ushering in a ton of rookies from its thriving academy and regional leagues.

The perpetual conflict between NA and EU will rage on next year when the 2020 Spring Split begins.