The fan-made Volcanic Anivia skin is back with a fiery take on the usually cryo-based champion

Anivia looks a little different.

Image via Riot Games

A fan has created abilities for a Volcanic Anivia Skin concept that has many League of Legends players asking for the skin to become a reality in 2022.

The video posted by Jiierf on Reddit features the usually cryo-themed phoenix with abilities that contrast her glacial nature. 

Anivia’s Flash Frost (Q) turns her initial glacial hurl into a fiery ball with flames spewing out the sides. Meanwhile, her signature wall transforms from a frozen barricade into pointed stones being birthed from the fiery ground as her ultimate, Glacial Storm, turns the floor into a fiery pit that would burn any champion that steps foot on it. 

The video has been well-received by the League subreddit. Many Reddit users were sold on the fan-made Rebirth (passive) and Crystallize (W). Many have also been requesting for the concept of a Volcanic Anivia skin to be added to League’s line of skins in 2022

The skin was originally created by Vlad Bacescu, a concept artist at Riot Games, while the abilities were created by Alfred Jäärf, who’s previously produced fan-made reworks of both Skarner and Nocturne.

Bacescu has worked on a number of released League skins, such as Arclight Yorick, Infernal Shen, and Championship Ryze, the latter of which was the promotional skin for Worlds 2019.

A slew of Bacescu’s skins can be seen through his ArtStation, ranging from ones that have officially made the game and some that were made purely as passion projects.

Image via Bacescu’s ArtStation.

While the video only showcases Volcanic Anivia’s abilities, a full model of how the skin could look in-game has been released through Bacescu’s ArtStation, where Anivia as a fire phoenix truly comes to life.

The skin shows inspiration from both the Infernal and Volcanic thematics in League, featuring black, orange, and red color schemes.

Image via Riot Games

While there are a number of skins surrounding these fire themes, such as the Infernal theme, the Volcanic series is one that remains to be built upon. The only Volcanic-themed skin in League is Volcanic Wukong, which was reduced to one RP briefly on the Filipino server to raise awareness for the Taal volcano eruption. The Volcanic Wukong skin is currently being sold for 975 RP.

Riot announced earlier this year that it’d be revisiting old skin thematics, so this could be a good time to build upon a skin concept that’s been well-received by the public. And given Bacescu’s affiliation to Riot, it’s a possibility that this Volcanic Anivia skin could be the start of a future project surrounding the Cryophoenix.

For now, League players can check out the 13 new skins recently released in Patch 12.2 that are centered around the Lunar New Year theme.

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