League of Legends player shares rework concept for Nocturne

The designer took it upon themselves to give this fan-favorite champ a fresh look.

There are plenty of champions that fans want to see reworked in League of Legends, but perhaps one of the most in need of one is Nocturne. 

One of the oldest champions in League, Nocturne’s kit and look has remained the same for the longest time–though thanks to one talented artist, we can now see a completely unique take on this iconic character.

In a clip shared to Reddit by user Jiierf, they showed off their reworked Nocturne, complete with a new model, kit, and visual effects.

This new Nocturne boasts a design more akin to the champion’s origins, being created within a ritual and expanded on further by bounding him to an object. In this case, Nocturne is bound to a row of spikes that protrude from its back.

The new skill kit shown off in this vid is reminiscent of the champion’s current kit, but with some notable changes and completely new visuals. The new Q attack is Umbral Slash, which can either make a quick slash surrounding the champion or be held down to deal greater damage to a larger range around him.

Other new abilities include From the Shadows, which is a move reminiscent of Rek’Sai’s Burrow, allowing him to not only move through walls but also remain hidden from opponents. The third ability created in this rework is a fear similar to the Nocturne’s current one, but capable of hitting multiple enemies.

Nocturne’s new ultimate can be used from a far greater range, seemingly allowing for the champion to pounce on a target from anywhere on the map.

While there were plenty of players suggesting changes to some of the concept’s abilities, for the most part, the response to this fan-made rework has been positive. Its creator shared that the exercise was done from a design standpoint, which makes sense as to why the abilities aren’t the most balanced. Hopefully, this fan-made work can inspire Riot to give the champion some love with an official rework in the future.